Before Anything Else: A Checklist On What To Prepare Before Selling Your House For Cash

The decision to sell your house for cash will probably be one of the biggest decisions that you will make in your life for good reason: A house, first off, is an investment. Selling it won’t be easy considering that owners have put so much into their property over the years. In addition, houses have sentimental value, especially for those who have spent most of their lives living in it. But then again, trying times will call for a resolution to let go of something that’s close to your heart.

But before a seller commits on selling, here are some tips that will help make the transaction go smoothly:

1. Explore multiple cash buyers or real estate investors. Don’t stick to just one company but rather, have a number of viable options to serve as your back-up.

2. Do some research on the company of your choice. Reputable cash buyers will have a working website or social media pages with their contact numbers, email and office address that sellers can contact or visit personally.

3. While you’re in the process of researching, do a bit of digging. Read past reviews, recommendations, background of the company and other important credentials that will sway your decision to choose the best cash buyer.

4. Get a valuation of your property. Remember, selling your house for cash will decrease its market value. It’s best to know its value to help you negotiate for a reasonable price.

5. Do a bit of cleaning and minor repairs. While some real estate investors like the Amazing Offer buy houses as-is, doing some minor renovations and decluttering will increase is value and make it more appealing to buyers. If you can, fix leaking faucets, peeling paint or anything that needs some TLC.

6. Prepare the necessary documentation, legal or otherwise, to help fast track the transaction. Title deeds, survey reports and any other relevant paperwork will be valuable from here on out.

7. Know how to negotiate, understand the terms and conditions of the sale, ask if there are tax implications, closing date, and other important details.

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