No, we are real estate investors. We also don’t charge any fees or commissions. We will give you an amazing cash offer, so you know what you are getting paid for your property immediately. Real estate agents ‘list’ your property and charge commissions to sell it. They can’t guarantee if or when your property will sell, or how much it will sell for. It can take months or even longer to sell a property with an agent, and usually you have to make repairs, potentially costing you thousands of dollars, stress, and time. Plus, you will have to keep your house spotless and deal with strangers coming through your house during the showings while it is listed. You will have an inspector and an appraiser pick apart your house and most likely find more repairs that are needed before you can even move forward with the sale of your property, ultimately holding you back from getting the money you need. Just give us a call, or fill out the form, and we will make this easy on you!

First, a retail price will not be what you actually get paid in the end. In order for you to get full retail for your property, you will need to hire a realtor and commissions are normally 6%. Second, most retail buyers will ask the seller (you) to pay for as much as 3% of their loan costs. We will make you an amazing cash offer for your home, which will be less than retail, but that will usually pay you more money than if you were to sell your home through a realtor. Third, you might be required to do a number of repairs to get your home ‘market ready’ before a realtor will want to put it on the market. After inspections, most buyers will ask you to do additional repairs before they close on your property. These repairs could cost thousands and you still don’t have a guarantee that the buyer will close. Fourth, you most likely will be making your mortgage payments during the time it will take to sell your property. All of this means that the amount of money you end up with by selling retail is thousands of dollars less than what you actually sell the property for. Ultimately, it is simply much faster and easier to have us buy your home as is and possibly net the same amount of money or more!

Yes, we can help you! We understand the struggle with foreclosure, and if we can’t find a solution to buy your house, which will stop the foreclosure, we know other foreclosure prevention solutions that can help you, and we will help you every way possible. If you are in foreclosure, time is your enemy, because a foreclosure will stay on your credit file for 7-10 years, but if we buy your house before it forecloses, it immediately starts helping your credit when the mortgage will get paid off. We need to act fast so please give us a call at 602-AMAZING (262-9464) ASAP!

Unfortunately, at that point we can’t help you because someone else owns your home after you get foreclosed on. So, call us ASAP at 602-AMAZING (262-9464) so we can help you avoid foreclosure and put money in your pocket.

Because of our experience, resources, and the fact that we are cash buyers, we have the ability to buy your house in as fast as 5 days. We can also be very flexible and close on a time frame that you choose. We will do our best to make our offer work with your situation, schedule, and needs.

Absolutely! We can buy your house the way it is, no matter the condition or situation. You don’t have to do any cleaning or repairs. Just call 602-AMAZING (602-2629464) or submit your address and we will do the rest!

NEVER! We always pay all of the fees and the closing costs, there are no commissions, and we will structure an amazing offer just for you! You won’t have to worry about any out of pocket expenses.

Zero. You won’t pay any fees, commissions, or closing costs.

We are buying your property for cash! We are not real estate agents, so we are not looking to list your house, we are real estate investors interested in buying real estate for cash. We may repair the house and resell it, keep it as a rental property, or simply sell it to another investor. The bottom line is, once we make you an amazing offer, you never have to worry about a lot of time passing before you get paid.

Very good question. Our process is pretty simple: We look at the property, what repairs are needed, condition, and values of houses recently sold in your area. We take everything into consideration and we do our best to come up with an amazing offer that works best for you.

Real estate agents list properties and hope someone will buy them. The average time to sell a property in many markets is 3-6 months. As you probably know, you pay a commission that is a percentage of the sale price (normally it is 6% of the sale price) so if it’s a $100,000 house, you will pay at least $6,000 just in agent commissions. Agents provide a great service for those that can wait months to get paid for their property. We don’t list properties because we’re the one buying them, and we pay cash. We can make a decision to buy your property the same day we get the address! So call 602-AMAZING (262-9464) or submit your address to get your cash offer today!

NO OBLIGATION AT ALL! Once you send us the information about your property, we will quickly evaluate it, and then make you an amazing cash offer. After that, it’s 100% your decision if you want to sell your property to us. And we will never hassle you, we will simply let you decide what’s best for you.

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