Lane Park Brings Scottsdale’s First Indoor Ice Curling with 4 Lanes of Excitement! 

ice curling

Here’s the look at the ice curling lanes being set up at Lane Park in Old Town Scottsdale. The restaurant opened on May 20, and the ice curling section of the venue is anticipated to open in the coming days. 

A new bar that opened this week in Old Town Scottsdale aims to distinguish itself from competitors by offering unique games like ice curling. 

Lane Park, located at 7232 E. First Street in Scottsdale, opened on May 20. This 8,000-square-foot space is the first restaurant or bar in the U.S. to feature an indoor “bar style” ice curling venue which includes four ice lanes, or sheets. Each sheet is 7.5 feet wide and 52 feet long. Think of it as a supersize version of shuffleboard on ice. 

The owners of Lane Park were inspired to create an indoor ice curling venue after friends and partners in Pittsburgh established a curling rink and bar in an outdoor tent during the winter. 

“The Pittsburgh group successfully organized an ice curling event in a tent. Joe Busone, Lane Park’s chief of development and a partner in the organization, expressing the idea of bringing it to indoors, and that would be a better attraction to Arizona. 

Opening at 7232 East First Street in Old Town Scottsdale, spanning 8,000-square-feet, first place in the US to have an indoor “Bar Style” Ice Curling. This new experimental, upscale activities and dining something unique to Old Town. 

Installing an ice rink inside a bar is a challenging task, and the curling facility is expected to be operational in the coming days. While there are curling teams and events throughout the Valley, Lane Park’s version of it will be a little different than what a lot of Scottsdale’s snowbirds are used to. 

“We couldn’t do full scale curling because some individuals are drinking alcohol – we don’t like them gliding across the ice like in the Winter Olympics,” Busone stated. “Instead, we shortened the game and made it more like shuffleboard.” 

The company has developed several curling like games that can be played on the ice, similar to the offerings at Topgolf, featuring television screens and interactive play. 

Busone mentioned that the indoor air temperature must be maintained at 70 degrees, but that ice should remain in good condition. 

Lane Park: Offering More than just Ice curling.

In addition to curling, Lane Park features Duckpin Bowling, a variation of standard 10-pin bowling; axe-throwing lanes; Sapo, a Peruvian coin-tossing game; Carrom, a tabletop game from the Indian that mixes billiards with small pucks on a square table; and Sub Soccer, an under the table soccer game where guests can kick into goals built into the seats. Lane Park also offers a variety of complementary small tabletop games, which servers will bring to guests’ tables. 

Our goal is to advance with this concept by incorporating and exploring new games that we come across,” Busone said. 

Busone stated that the goal is for Lane Park to serve as a backdrop for corporate events and team-building exercises, particularly during the week. Additionally, they will market the venue for birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties and other group gatherings. 

Lane Park’s owners, including Busone and Angelo DiNardo, have extensive experience in combining games and entertainment with food and beverage. Busone and DiNardo met while working in Las Vegas and together they opened the LumberJaxes axe-throwing bar and grills in Tempe and Glendale. Busone mentioned that they wanted to take what they did at LumberJaxes and make it even bigger. 

“We have some big investors who see this as a proof of concept,” Busone said. “If we are successful in this plan, we will establish more location up to five or 10 locations within the next five years.” 

In addition to games, Lane Park offers extensive food and beverages selection. Chef Matt Hearn was in charge of the menu, he’s a local celebrity, and its mostly sharable plates like spicy crab croquettes, pizzas and a dessert charcuterie board. 

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