A New Office Building for the Phoenix Suns: Ishbia’s Vision Transforms Phoenix Teams

A New Dawn for the Suns and Mercury: Ishbia’s Vision Transforms Phoenix Teams Buckle up, sports fans and corporate culture aficionados! Geoff’s back at it with an exhilarating tale from the heart of Phoenix, where the Suns and Mercury are experiencing a renaissance under the guidance of their visionary owner, Mat Ishbia. It’s a story […]

Over 700 New Homes Near TSMC North Phoenix in 2024: Exciting Growth 

Lennar plans to develop more than 700 in the near facility of TSMC North Phoenix area.  As competition intensifies for a 2,300-acre state land auction near the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. plant in north Phoenix, homebuilders are gearing up to meet the demand created by the 50,000 jobs expected in the area over time.   Miami-based Lennar Corp. […]

Sky-High Housing Costs Propel the Surge in Rental Homes Construction 2024 

Developers are constructing new rental homes at an unprecedented rate, seeking to capitalize on the elevated home prices and increased mortgage rates that are forcing many Americans to continue renting.   In 2023, an estimated 93,000 new single-family rental homes were completed. That was 39% increase compared to 2022, marking the highest number in any year […]

Historic 7-Acre Camelback Mountain Property Listed for $15.65M: Stunning Yet Costly

Constructed in 1927 at the base of Camelback Mountain, this property at 4556 N. 56th St., Phoenix, is nestled amidst pristine desert beauty.  When Jim and Connie Binns were searching for a home in metro Phoenix in 1990, Connie wanted a move-in ready home with no construction hassles.  Her Realtor knew a fixer-upper wasn’t on […]

Lake Powell Dam Plumbing Issues Threaten Western Water Supply: 2024 Crisis 

The Glen Canyon Dam holds back Lake Powell. As the lake’s level has plummeted to historic lows, some concerns that wear on dam’s infrastructure, originally designed to manage high water levels, could significantly disrupt the flow of the Colorado River.  Conservation groups are urgently calling for changes to the management of Lake Powell, the nation’s […]

Elon Musk Neuralink Trials in Phoenix 2024

Elon Musk Neuralink begins clinical trials in Phoenix. Elon Musk Neuralink pioneering neurotechnology firm, is advancing its clinical trials for a state-of-the-art brain implant device at Barrow Neurological Institute, the institute recently announced.  In April, Barrow confirmed its participation as the venue for Elon Musk Neuralink PRIME Study, marking a significant milestone. The study’s initial participant, Noland Arbaugh, experienced […]

Arizona Swing State 2024: Booming Economy but 60% Miserable 

Arizona Swing State 2024: Booming but not happy. Under the government of President Joe Biden, Arizona has accomplished significant development and success by several indicators. Arizona Swing State 2024 semiconductor industry is increasing, powered by multibillion-dollar shares from the current administration. The state boasts near-historic low unemployment rates and high inflation rates are presenting signs […]

Arizona’s Richest Zip Code 2024: Revealing Sky High Wealth

A solitary golf player routes up a view at the private No. 7 Desert Mountain Golf Course in Scottsdale. Arizona Wealthiest Valley’s ZIP Code: 85262 Over the years, potentially for decades, citizens of 85253 Arizona ZIP Code of Paradise Valley have been consistently among the top earners in the Valley. However, the latest ZIP Code […]

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