77 acre Earnhardt Ranch for sale in Payson: And that ain’t no bull

77 acre Earnhardt Ranch for sale in Payson: And that ain’t no bull.

for sale in Payson

Strap in, adventure seekers and luxury living aficionados! It’s Geoff, your go-to guru for all things extraordinary in Arizona, and boy, do I have a story for you. It’s about a piece of Arizona history, a ranch that’s as rich in natural beauty as it is in heritage, soon to make waves in the real estate world. Welcome to the tale of No Toro Ranch. 

When Hal Earnhardt, the dynamo behind Earnhardt Auto Centers, laid his hands on a 77-acre slice of heaven in Payson, it was destined to be something special. Dubbed No Toro Ranch, in a playful nod to Earnhardt’s iconic “No Bull” motto, this property is where the wild heart of Arizona beats the strongest. 
Purchased for a cool $4.5 million back in May 2021, Earnhardt is now saddling up to 

list this paradise for $5.9 million,  with Frank Aazami and Nancy Read of Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty wrangling the sale. But No Toro Ranch isn’t just any plot of dirt and grass; it’s a testament to the grandeur of Arizona’s landscape and the spirit of the wild. 

Earnhardt himself puts it best, “It’s a special place.” Imagine waking to a congregation of deer and elk in your front yard, bears roaming as reminders of the wild’s claim, and fruit trees offering nature’s bounty. “Once you enter into that area, you’ve got a piece of paradise to yourself,” he says. And with a creek that serenades even during droughts, No Toro Ranch is a melody of nature’s making. 

But the charm of No Toro Ranch isn’t just its natural beauty. It’s steeped in history, from the pioneering Pyle family to its days as La Cienega Ranch under Rusty Lyon, the mall magnate. Its transition from an Arizona State University Foundation asset to Earnhardt’s personal escape is a story of legacy, conservation, and passion for Arizona’s wilderness. 

Now, as No Toro Ranch prepares for its next chapter, it stands as a beacon for those seeking an off-grid, self-sufficient sanctuary. Whether envisioned as a hunting lodge, cowboy camp, or retreat center, the possibilities are as boundless as the Arizona sky. 
So, for those yearning for a retreat where time slows and nature sings, keep your eyes on the horizon for No Toro Ranch. It’s not just a property; it’s a passage back to the wild, a journey to a paradise preserved, and a rare chance to own a piece of Arizona’s soul. 
This is Geoff, signing off with another adventure into the heart of Arizona’s unmatched landscapes and legacies. Stay wild, stay free, and stay tuned for more tales from the Grand Canyon State’s most amazing offerings! 

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