Arizona’s Billionaire’s Shuffle in Rankings

Arizona’s Billionaire’s Shuffle in Rankings: Arizona's Wealthiest Make Waves on Forbes' Global Rich List

shuffle in rankings

Hey, Amazing Arizonans and lovers of the lavish lifestyle! Geoff here, bringing you the latest scoop from the world of glittering riches and mind-boggling bank accounts. Our beloved Grand Canyon State is shining bright on Forbes‘ latest Richest People in the World list, with some familiar faces and surprising shifts. Buckle up as we dive into the lavish lives of Arizona’s elite! 


Leading the pack with a fortune that screams “more money, more cars,” is none other than Ernest Garcia II. This automotive aficionado, the brain behind Drive Time Automotive and Carvana’s kingpin, has parked himself at No. 278 globally with a cool $8.9 billion. Talk about driving into the sunset with a trunk full of cash! 

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Hot on his heels but still miles away in the money race is Mark Shoen. This U-Haul heir and storage savant has loaded up to No. 612 worldwide, boasting a $5 billion treasure chest. Last year’s frontrunner in the state, Mark has seen his net worth hitch a ride from $4.9 billion, proving that moving and shaking in the storage world certainly pays off. 

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But wait, there’s more family drama! Mark’s brother, E. Joe Shoen, is trucking along at No. 734 with $4.3 billion. Meanwhile, catching fly balls of fortune, Los Angeles Angels’ own Arturo Moreno pitches in at No. 624 with a scoreboard of $4.9 billion. 


In a twist of fate, Ernest Garcia III, the Carvana prodigy, has hit a bit of a speed bump. His wealth took a detour down to $2.4 billion, landing him at No. 1,380. Despite the rocky road, he assures us Carvana is cruising stronger than ever, fueled by optimistic earnings and strategic stock buys. 

new dawn
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Not to be overshadowed, Phoenix Suns and Mercury’s newest cheerleader, Mat Ishbia, is dribbling up the ranks to No. 228 with a slam dunk of $9.9 billion. Although he hangs his hat in Detroit, his heart (and investments) are soaring in the Arizona sun. 

The billionaire count is booming, with Forbes tallying a record-breaking 2,781 billionaires. Among the fresh faces is none other than the pop princess herself, Taylor Swift, making her grand entrance with $1.1 billion. At the pinnacle of this mountain of wealth, Bernard Arnault reigns supreme with an eye-watering $233 billion, outshining fellow magnates Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. 

So there you have it, folks! Arizona’s billionaires are not just living the dream; they’re rewriting the playbook on wealth, investment, and how to stay fabulously affluent in our ever-changing world. Stay tuned for more tales of extravagance and success that’ll make you wish you’d invented online car sales or found a goldmine in moving trucks! 

Signing off, Geoff – your guide to the glamorous lives of the rich and famous, Arizona-style!

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