Best time of year to sell your house

April 14, is marked as the best date to have your house on the market.

According to a study by, there’s one week a year with the quickest, most profitable turnaround for homeowners looking to sell, April 14-20. During this week, homes are listed higher than at the start of the year and sell faster than average.

A senior economic research analyst, Hannah Jones, says, “The third week of April brings the best housing market factors for sellers. It offers higher buyer demand, lower competition, and fewer price reductions than the typical week of the year.”

And if you’re in Phoenix or the surrounding valley, homeowners can expect their listings to get about 23% more views this week. More eyes on your home means the greater chance it’ll sell.

Why is this week the perfect one for sellers?

“There’s an awakening in spring, a motivation for people to go out after months of hibernation,” says Bradley Wilson, a top real estate agent at Sotheby’s. “They’ve monitored the market all winter and are now primed and ready to take action.”

While there’s a high demand for homes, there’s still a lower supply, with about 14% fewer houses on the market this week than the rest of the year. Giving homeowners the perfect combination of low competition and lots of motivated buyers.

Plus, homes listed during this week are listed 10.4% higher than at the start of the year, and in the Phoenix area, this is an increase of about $36,000.

There’s no need to worry about whether this time is “too early” to put a house on the market or if their home will be lost in a sea of listings. During this week, homes are being sold 9 days quicker than average, and the likelihood of a price reduction has decreased by 26.4%.

Why you can’t wait until the summer.

The rules are changing. This summer the National Association of Realtors (NAR), is going to enact a rule that prohibits brokers to be compensated by real estate agents for helping them sell properties. This is a result of billion-dollar lawsuits where brokers and relators conspired together to keep their commissions artificially high.

This meant that relators used part of their commission to pay the brokers. Now, with this new rule, homebuyers will have to pay the broker an upfront fee, driving up the cost for buying a home.

Even though it is going to cost more for people to buy a home, none of that money is going to go to the sellers. With overall costs higher, buyers may start to demand lower market prices leading to less money in the pockets of sellers.

The time is now.

Homes that are listed during April 14-20 are more profitable, faster to sell, and have a higher demand. How can you ensure that you take advantage of this prime time?

Since the week is fast approaching, the best way to ensure profit-maximization is to sell your house as quick as you can and cut out the middleman. Amazing Offer gives sellers a simplified process, with homes closing in as little as 3 days, and an all-cash offer.

Plus, there is no need to deal with the hassle (and expense) of a Real Estate agent.

Amazing Offer is a local, family-run agency built on the lifeblood of Arizona. They buy homes for prices they would want to receive. If someone needs to sell their home quickly, fast, and for the best price, there is no better company to work with.

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