Arizona’s Richest Zip Code 2024: Revealing Sky High Wealth

A solitary golf player routes up a view at the private No. 7 Desert Mountain Golf Course in Scottsdale.

Arizona Wealthiest Valley’s ZIP Code: 85262

Over the years, potentially for decades, citizens of 85253 Arizona ZIP Code of Paradise Valley have been consistently among the top earners in the Valley. However, the latest ZIP Code in the municipality has pushed the elite society into second place. 

According to the 2022 data, the ZIP code of 85262 in north Scottsdale position as the top 1 area for household riches from the latest data from the U.S Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. 

Scottsdale possesses the second-highest millionaire increase rate, as stated by the USA Wealth Report 2024 from Henley & Partners. The report specifies a 102% increase in millionaires in the metropolitan from 2013 to 2023. Austin, Texas, leads with the highest growth rate at 110%. 

This arrival of wealth is rapidly increasing as more individuals move to Scottsdale from Southern regions of California, Chicago, New York City, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon, said J. Andrew Turley, president of Phoenix Valuations, which values luxury estates. 

These Arizona regions have displayed the highest degrees of qualified outbound journey patterns nationwide — and many who are leaving these regions list Scottsdale as a top considered destination, he said. 

Located within the 85262 ZIP code, Desert Mountain is an 8,300-acre guard-gated master-planned community featuring seven golf courses and clubhouses. Its private, member-owned club rankings among the most exclusive and prestigious clubs globally. 

The offer-individual Desert Mountain Country Club commands a $200,000 Inception fee. With a waiting list. 

“Desert Mountain features an adult lifestyle that’s very unique,” said Scott Grigg, owner of Grigg’s Group Powered by the Altman Brothers. “Desert Mountain is basically adult Disneyland for active adults and golfers. Where else can you find a community with seven golf courses?” 


Grigg stated that lifestyle preferences extensively influence the buyer demographic between 85262 and 85253 Arizona’s Richest ZIP codes. 

Wealthy individuals drawn to Desert Mountain typically do not need to travel daily into the city for work and often fall into the category of seasonal buyers, Grigg said 

Straight to its location, Desert Mountain is normally about Ten degrees colder,” Grigg makes clear. “This is a major factor for many people as well.” 

Grigg, who lives in Paradise Valley, said the Paradise Valley homeowner wants to be near a variety of restaurants, shopping malls, and events. 

“Residents of Desert Mountain normally stay within the community instead of visiting the shopping mall multiple times a week,” Grigg said. 

Daniel Wolski, a luxury real estate agent with Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty, lives at Desert Mountain near the main entrance. He values the dual benefits of the community, loving the golf courses himself while his wife takes their dogs for walks near the hiking trails.

“These are secure and reliable outdoor trails,” he stated. “She can be alone out there and still be safe. At Desert Mountain, you have 20 miles of trails right in your backyard, with no need to worry about parking or security issues.” 


He is currently listing a $13 million home in Desert Mountain, which incorporates a golf membership. 

Lindsay Cullum-Colwell, President and Managing Principal at Scottsdale-based Cullum Homes, stated that buyers at Desert Mountain are progressively seeking a retreat-like setting developed with wellness options. 

“Perhaps this demographic shift of wealthy people relocating to the outskirts of the suburbs, seeking space from urban centers, is an expansion of that trend,” she said. 


Cullum Homes is constructing 33 houses within the Seven Desert Mountain community. 

“In 85262, it’s cooler during the summers and much more relaxing,” she said. “When you open entirely the doors, instead of city disturbance, you’re greeted by the serene sounds of the desert.” 

Paul Colwell, her husband, and Managing Director at Cullum Homes, stated that Desert Mountain is still just 45 minutes away from the Phoenix Suns or Arizona Diamondbacks game. 

Grigg, who absolutely signifies Cullum in its home sales, declared that only 14 Cullum homes are currently available at Seven at Desert Mountain.

“When purchasing a Cullum house in Seven, Grigg promises, ‘We’ve secured pre-acquired memberships.’ By choosing one of our estates directly, you pull forward successions and avoid waiting for a membership” 

According to Turley, wealthy individuals relocating to Arizona prioritize reinforced security measures and seek residences sited within guard-gated communities. 

Largely, still,  the demographics, model styles of choice, superiority of homes, and general factors are very similar between Paradise Valley and north Scottsdale,” Turley said. 

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