Arizona Swing State 2024: Booming Economy but 60% Miserable 

Arizona Swing State 2024: Booming but not happy.

arizona swing state 2024
Under the government of President Joe Biden, Arizona has accomplished significant development and success by several indicators.

Arizona Swing State 2024 semiconductor industry is increasing, powered by multibillion-dollar shares from the current administration. The state boasts near-historic low unemployment rates and high inflation rates are presenting signs of enhancement. As a result, Arizona has come up as one of the top destinations for domestic migration in the country, attracting hundreds of thousands of new residents since 2020.  

In spite of positive developments, Arizona residents are remarkably hopeful about their state’s future. A recent survey of voters unveils that 60% believe Arizona swing state 2024 is on the wrong path, close to double the number who think it’s heading in the right way. This point of view is the most negative among the seven key battleground states assured to influence the upcoming presidential election.  

Fifty percent of respondents in Arizona believe the state’s economy has worsened over the past two years, and nearly three-quarters feel it’s continuously challenging for the average human to prosper. This point of view may shed light on why former President Donald Trump, the expected Republican nominee, holds a 5-point lead over President Biden among Arizona voters.  

Earl Riley, a 56-year-old production manager at a semiconductor plant living in a Phoenix suburb, expressed disappointment with his personal situation under President Biden’s administration. ‘Since Biden took the office, my life has not really enhanced,’ Riley stated. ‘In fact, things seem to have gotten a bit awful.’ As an independent voter who sided with Biden in 2020 and Trump in 2016, Riley is considering returning his support to the Republican side in upcoming elections.  

In the latest update, inflation rates in the Phoenix area have consistently overreached those of the rest of the United States.  

Housing prices in Phoenix and Arizona have jumped up seriously faster than the national average.

In 2020, President Biden carefully secured Arizona by forming a diverse coalition of Democrats, independents, and moderate Republicans, guiding a significant political shift. This coalition decisively dismisses Trump and his allies, validating Democrats to sweep all major statewide offices in 2022 for the first time since the 1950s. This happens despite Republicans and independents making up a massive portion of the electorate, with Democrats representing just 30% of registered voters.  

Democrats are confident that the disputable issue of abortion access will rally voters to their side this November. After the state Supreme Court unexpectedly replaced a 160-year-old near-total abortion ban, drawing general attention and plunging state Republicans into disorder, the Arizona legislature moved to repeal the ban. However, due to a legislative inconsistency, the ban is anticipated to temporarily take effect this summer before relapsing into the pre-existing 15-week restriction. In response, Democrats step up their campaign efforts, focusing on a forthcoming ballot position aimed at securing abortion rights up to the point of fetal viability—approximately 23 weeks—hoping it will boost voter support for Biden and other Democratic candidates.  

President Biden carefully secured Arizona in the 2020 election by a margin of just over 10,000 votes, marking a graceful victory in any state. However, disappointment is growing among many in his initial support base. Voters set down their diminished quality of life to the overheating local economy. According to, Housing prices in Phoenix have surged by nearly 50% since the beginning of the pandemic. Also, state officials have issued warnings that the rapid growth is overreach the water supply’s capacity. Additionally, there is general frustration over the federal government’s failure to address the escalating immigration crisis at the southern U.S. border, where illegal crossings have reached record highs in recent years.  

Luxury condominiums are developing beyond Phoenix, with new expansion rising in areas such as Chandler.  

Although inflation has recently diminished, Arizona homeowners report that essential goods stay around costly and luxury items are unaffordable. Arizona ranks among the states with the highest gasoline prices.  

Arizona has commonly been a stronghold for Republican candidates, only becoming a political battleground in recent years. Prior to 2020, the state had reinforced just one Democratic presidential candidate since 1948—Bill Clinton, during his first term.  

Trish McCreary, a 62-year-old sales adviser from Scottsdale, switched her support from Trump in 2016 to Biden in 2020. These days, she remains undecided about her choice in the upcoming election. McCreary advocates for improved border security and supports the construction of a pathway to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants.  

Trish McCreary respects the former president’s potential to sway his party toward unusual GOP policies, which she believes set him well to pass immigration legislation. However, she is saddened by Trump’s directive to Republicans to obstruct a bipartisan border bill, a measure negotiated by Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat-turned-independent, whose seat is challenged for this year’s election.

Trish McCreary shows her concern about Trump’s commanding influence over the Republican Party, which she finds disturbing. A longtime Republican, McCreary plans to switch her party affiliation to independent due to her dislike for what she recognizes as isolating expression from Trump and the GOP. Additionally, she is troubled by the numerous criminal charges Trump is facing. McCreary also mentioned her likely support for a state ballot measure in November aimed at expanding abortion access.  

Despite her deliberation, McCreary remains cautious about supporting Biden in the upcoming November election. ‘I could be stagger either way,’ she stated 

The recent influx of new residents in Arizona doesn’t seem to lead the Democrats. Unbiased provider of voter data, of the roughly 225,000 voters who registered in Arizona since 2018, 35% are Republicans, 33% are independents, and just under 30% are Democrats. 

Many Arizona voters expressed their feelings in interviews that the state’s rapid growth has marginalized them. While organized homeowners cherish the rising value of their home equity, they are tough by high interest rates and a swarming real estate market that confuse their ability to upgrade their homes. However, new housing developments are progressively being constructed other than from urban centers, with prices often exceeding $1 million, intensifying traffic conditions.  

Riley, a politically independent semiconductor plant employee, described that he had to lower his home-buying budget due to soaring interest rates last January. As a result, he acquired a $380,000 townhouse, which runs up over $2,800 in monthly homeowner expenses. ‘This is the problem that many are facing,’ he remarked. ‘There’s a lot of disappointment.  

Many residents in Arizona are feeling sidelined by the state’s quick expansion. Particularly, there’s a surge in new construction projects throughout Chandler. 

The semiconductor industry has come across robust growth. Especially, a new Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing plant has been constructed in Phoenix.  

Arizona has come out as a premier destination for tourism and major events, having organized the 2023 Super Bowl and the NCAA Men’s Final Four basketball tournament this year. The state’s top dining spots are in high demand, with reservations filling up weeks or months ahead. Besides, the cost of a glamorous meal in Arizona now rivals those in cities like Los Angeles and New York.  

The semiconductor industry in the U.S. has seen astonishing growth, reinforced by the bipartisan Chips Act of 2022, which aims to save domestic production of modern microchips and lowering dependency on China. Arizona stands to benefit outstandingly, poised to receive tens of billions of dollars through government subsidies and private investments in its semiconductor sector.  

Inflation in the Phoenix metro area saw a remarkable reduction, falling from a peak of 13% in August 2022 to just 2.2% by February. However, homeowners continue to feel the strain of a 24.2% increase in overall prices over the past two years up to February.  

Over the last two years, how would you determine Arizona's economy? Has it enhanced, reduced, or remained stable?


Representative Ruben Gallego, a front-runner in the Democratic major for Arizona’s open U.S. Senate seat, highlights the real collision of economic policies on everyday people. ‘For those who are indigent or working class, GDP figures and economists’ opinions are less applicable than tangible issues like rising rent costs and wage stagnation,’ Gallego stated. He was convinced by the Democratic Party’s success connected with addressing key issues such as refining the economy and immigration, rather than maintaining that problems are already resolved. Gallego is also actively campaigning to expand access to abortion services.  

Representative Ruben Gallego is self-assured for a demanding contest in the upcoming Senate race, where he will likely face Kari Lake, an old television anchor and an ally of former President Trump. Lake came close to winning the gubernatorial race in Arizona in 2022 but fell only just short.  

In an interview, Kari Lake expresses her concerns about independent voters, noting a distinguished decline in street safety and an increase in persistent homelessness. She featured the concerns about an unsecured border and condemned the portrayal by the media and the Biden administration of the circumstances as stable. ‘Despite the guarantee that everything is fine, the reality experienced by voters tells a different story,’ Lake stated 

Michael Rusconi, a 60-year-old restaurant owner from Phoenix, remains uncommitted about his option in the upcoming presidential and Senate elections. He has felt the collision of inflation and rising labor costs, which have forced him to increase the prices of most entrees by roughly $5 since before the pandemic. Rusconi is also vocal about the need for a more efficient path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants, whom he sees as potential solutions to work challenges. Additionally, he advocates for improved vetting processes and legal work opportunities for those entering the country. 

“Many immigrants are crossing the border, and I see them regularly in my restaurant, but I’m unable to hire them due to legal restrictions.”

"Michael Rusconi reports that inflation and rising labor costs are serious challenges for his establishment, Rusconi’s American Kitchen, located in Phoenix." 

Rusconi advocates for unraveling the citizenship process for unauthorized immigrants, believing it could reduce the hiring challenges faced by his business.  

Olivia Lewis, a 21-year-old student in Phoenix, comes to blows with the high rental costs that her part-time theater job, paying $15 an hour, cannot cover the expenses. She has expressed disappointment with the Biden administration’s policies, especially its support for Israel during its dispute with Hamas and the ensuing humanitarian issues in Gaza. Despite contradicting many of Trump’s policies, Lewis admires his confidence, noting, ‘I feel like Trump has the decisiveness to act and enforce policies.  

Olivia Lewis specifies that the current debate over abortion rights might ultimately influence her to support the Democrats. She indicates difficulty in fully embracing life in Arizona due to the continuous changes affecting her healthcare. “It’s challenging to commit to staying in Arizona when significant healthcare decisions keep shifting,” Lewis stated 

Following the state court’s re-establishment of the near-total abortion ban, both Donald Trump and Kari Lake condemn the measure as unreasonably stringent. However, Lake also expressed dissatisfaction over the Arizona Democratic leadership’s unwillingness to enforce the ban. Trump has consistently highlighted his anti-abortion stance, notably his role in choosing Supreme Court justices who facilitated the overturning of Roe v. Wade, thereby devolving abortion legislation to the states.  

In Arizona, two-thirds of independent voters support maintaining access to abortion, with more individuals preferring President Biden’s stance over Donald Trump’s. However, for these voters, economic and immigration issues remain more pressing, areas where Trump is distinguished to hold an advantage over Biden. These findings come from a poll conducted in March, before the recent court ruling on abortion. 

Daniel Scarpinato, an Arizona Republican strategist who was chief of staff to former Gov. Doug Ducey, the last Republican to hold onto an important statewide office, said Republicans should stay away from relitigating the election and figure out a way to intelligibly state their setting on abortion while highlighting immigration and the financial state. He emphasized that focusing on these key issues is essential for success.  

David Tapia, 33, has been eager to support Republicans in the past, including the late Sen. John McCain. He does not desire to have a vote for Biden but since he has strong concerns about Trump. “He’s an irritating loser. He can’t take a defeat,” Tapia said.  

Tapia said issues with the economy and immigration are being extravagant by Republicans. He is doing better financially than until then as a pest-control adviser in the agribusiness, even though he pays extra at the grocery store. Tapia, who lives in Yuma County on the Mexico border, the surge of immigrants is “not as second-rate as the media describes it”  

Arizona voters reinforced a third party, and one in 10 were still doubtful. Independent voters here are more expected than Democrats or Republicans to select a third-party candidate, or to say they are hesitant.  

Arizona’s independent citizens are impartially split between Biden, Trump, and independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who isn’t yet on the ballot, although a super PAC supporting his effort said it had assembled the necessary signatures. 

Veronika Grace and her spouse, Todd Winant, are avid wholehearted of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Veronika Grace, a 50-year-old life coach from Sedona and an independent resident, has consistently supported Democratic candidates, representing her vote for Joe Biden in the 2020 elections. Despite commencing reservations about her choice, driven by concerns over Trump’s stance on the election outcome, she is now passionately supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for the upcoming election. Committed to her choice, Grace plans to support Kennedy even if he isn’t listed on Arizona’s ballot, feeling wonderful by his candidacy for the first time, a sentiment likely echoed by many ‘Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Supporters.  

Todd Winant, 63, a holistic coach and the husband of Veronika Grace, also supports Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Winant condemns the current political view, stating, ‘All I see with statistics like Biden and Trump, along with both Republicans and Democrats, is divisiveness.’  

Erik Hall, a 33-year-old from Prescott employed by the defense sector, has helmed a diverse political path, from supporting Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election to voting for Libertarian Jo Jorgensen in 2020. His movement was essentially due to concerns over Trump’s policies on national debt. As the upcoming election looms, Hall is cautiously taking into consideration backing Trump once more, though he is open to reconstructing his vote for Kennedy if it appears Kennedy might secure a win. His current injustice with the Democratic administration includes unrestrained government spending, with prominence on financial aid to Ukraine, and distinguished mismanagement of U.S. border security. These components play significant roles in Hall’s evolving political stance. 

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