Reduction in Landfill Waste: How to Help Yourself 2024

Linda Eales was raised in the construction industry, she observed discarded construction materials being sent to landfills year after year.  Nonprofit Corporation: Harvest Eco-Salvage Linda Eales established Harvest Eco-Salvage with the mission of keeping usable and recyclable building materials out of landfills.  She couldn’t stand it anymore. In 1999, she started Eco-Logic Foundation with a […]

How Inflation Is Redefining the American Middle Class 2024 

Vincent, aged 29, lives in America, thriving as a medical sales representative, indirect aggressive annual earned income of $130,000, which reflects the profitable earning possible within the healthcare sales industry. From a young age, he wished to reach a six-figure salary, visualizing it as the key to financial pleasure. He visualizes a life where annual […]

Why Dream Homes Are Becoming Pipe Dreams in 2024: The Soaring Costs Keeping Americans from Homeownership

Why Dream Homes Are Turning Into Pipe Dreams: The Soaring Costs Keeping Americans from Homeownership First up, let’s talk turkey—or rather, mortgages and insurance. These aren’t just headaches; they’re full-blown migraines for aspiring homeowners. With the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes aiming to tackle inflation, mortgage rates have soared to a dizzying 7.1% for 30-year […]

Over 700 New Homes Near TSMC North Phoenix in 2024: Exciting Growth 

Lennar plans to develop more than 700 in the near facility of TSMC North Phoenix area.  As competition intensifies for a 2,300-acre state land auction near the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. plant in north Phoenix, homebuilders are gearing up to meet the demand created by the 50,000 jobs expected in the area over time.   Miami-based Lennar Corp. […]

Arizona’s Richest Zip Code 2024: Revealing Sky High Wealth

A solitary golf player routes up a view at the private No. 7 Desert Mountain Golf Course in Scottsdale. Arizona Wealthiest Valley’s ZIP Code: 85262 Over the years, potentially for decades, citizens of 85253 Arizona ZIP Code of Paradise Valley have been consistently among the top earners in the Valley. However, the latest ZIP Code […]

Home Prices Phoenix Update 2024: Essential Insights for Savvy Buyers

Home prices in Phoenix are ticking back Home prices are on the rise again in metro Phoenix and across the country, as reported by the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices on April 30.  With mortgage interest rates remaining around 7%, many first-time homebuyers lack the financial means to afford a home purchase.  Source: Nevertheless, not […]

Best time of year to sell your house

April 14, is marked as the best date to have your house on the market. According to a study by, there’s one week a year with the quickest, most profitable turnaround for homeowners looking to sell, April 14-20. During this week, homes are listed higher than at the start of the year and sell […]

Paradise Valley Arizona: The Exodus of Wealthy Californians

Francisco or Los Angeles, Paradise Valley Arizona offers a compelling value proposition for affluent buyers seeking exclusivity and a superior standard of living. One of the defining characteristics of Paradise Valley Arizona is its commitment to preserving its natural landscape and enforcing strict building codes to maintain the integrity of the community. Unlike the sprawling […]

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