Discover Arizona Cities Dominating the Luxury Home Rental Market in 2024 

Several cities in the Valley are national leaders in luxury rental properties, reflecting Arizona’s embrace of a fast-growing trend in the real estate market.  In a report released on June 11 by Point2Homes, which the ranks luxury home rental inventory among the 100 largest U.S. cities, Scottsdale was ranked No. 8 with 34% of single-family houses […]

Phoenix, Arizona: Ranking #7 Among Top Relocation Cities in the U.S. 

Phoenix is quickly turning into a popular hotspot for people to move, especially for retirees.  According to a recent report studying moving patterns, the Valley continues to be one of the popular relocation destinations in the U.S.  A report from May by PODS Enterprises, LLC, a moving and storage company, ranked Phoenix as No. 7 […]

Home Prices Are Dropping to 6.4%, High Interest Rates Keep Homebuyers Struggling.

The housing market’s still a mess with home prices dropping, but it doesn’t really help homebuyers.  According to data from the real estate firm. Home prices dropped to 6.4%. Active listings experienced a drop in the week ending May 26. Although this is not a large portion of listings, it’s a lot more than the 4.4% we […]

Sky-High Housing Costs Propel the Surge in Rental Homes Construction 2024 

Developers are constructing new rental homes at an unprecedented rate, seeking to capitalize on the elevated home prices and increased mortgage rates that are forcing many Americans to continue renting.   In 2023, an estimated 93,000 new single-family rental homes were completed. That was 39% increase compared to 2022, marking the highest number in any year […]

Phoenix’s High-Rise rental rates are falling, and the Landlords are punishing loyal tenants

Loyalty Penalized? Phoenix Landlords’ New Tenant Preference Sparks Outrage In the bustling heart of Phoenix, a surprising development has unfolded within the luxury high-rise apartment market. Despite the lack of mainstream media attention, local residents have taken to platforms like Reddit to share their firsthand experiences of a market in flux. With prices plummeting and […]

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